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Connect China Trade was founded in 2015 and belongs to the group Connect China Co.Ltd. The company aims to help from small to medium corporations to build better interactions with Chinese companies as well as a better understanding of the Chinese market.


This service is specially for buyers which want to confirm the legitimacy of a supplier.
Our company research 3 different reliable suppliers for the product you want to import. These supplier's contact details will be followed by a report for each supplier that confirms their legitimacy.
Our company offers different types of inspections that will be followed by a report. In case of inspection on products, factory should be advised earlier how the inspection process will work.
We help our customers during the whole purchase process(choose the best supplier, negotiate, payment and shipment) in the country of origin of the product. Due to our vast experience in negotiation and language skills we can achieve the best commercial relationship, aiming to obtain the best benefits for our clients.
Commission between 1% and 15%
We provide accurate reports on different market segments or analysis on diversified range of products.
Upon Request
We offer interpreter and translation services, business trip planning and other services according to your company needs.
Upon request

*The prices mentioned should be used as a guide only. Please, contact our company for a price quote for the services you request or in case of any question.


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